All modern research finally comes back to the Vedic conclusions.

Excerpts from Srimad Bhagavatam 7.7.40 class given by H G Rasika Shekara Prabhu on 21st August, 2016
Translation : It is learned from Vedic literature that by performing great sacrifices one may elevate himself to the heavenly planets. However, although life on the heavenly planets is hundreds and thousands of times more comfortable than life on earth, the heavenly planets are not pure [nirmalam], or free from the taint of material existence. The heavenly planets are also temporary, and therefore they are not the goal of life. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, however, has never been seen or heard to possess inebriety. Consequently, for your own benefit and self-realization, you must worship the Lord with great devotion, as described in the revealed scriptures.
  1. Prahlad urging all his classmates to take up KRISHNA consciousness seriously by serving the Lord and derive the highest standard of happiness and also solve all their material problems.
  2. Everyone in the material world is trying to engage in different attempts to increase their standard of happiness, but all their attempts are resulting only in misery.
  3. All modern research finally comes back to the Vedic conclusions.. For example…Companies are now advertising customers to go back to charcoal toothbrush and toothpaste as it was used in the vedic times. Therefore Shastras should be used as manual & guiding tool for mankind.
  4. Lord appears as many incarnations to protect this knowledge of the Vedas..e.g. Lord came as Matsya avatar to protect the vedas from devastataion, Lord came as Hayagriva to bring Vedas stolen by demons madhu and kaitbha.
  5. There are certain class of people called Karma kandis..who read the Vedas, follow the Vedas to advance to heavenly planets, but miss the ultimate conclusion of Vedas of surrendering to Krishna. Even life in heavenly planets is temporary and full of miseries. All post occupied by demigods are also temporary.
  6. More a devotee sacrifices material things, more he gets mercy of the Lord. A renunciant is called Maharaj, because he has become master of his senses and has the treasure of transcendental knowledge and happiness.
  7. Tue religion doesn’t propagate violence, violence is propagated only when necessary. But, when people were killing a lot of animals based on wrong understanding of Vedas, Lord appeared as Lord Buddha and totally disregarded Vedas and preached Non-Violence as the topmost religion..
  8. But the Vedas are central to Vedic Culture, so  in order to bring back the Vedas, the Lord appeared as Shankaracharya and preached “Bhaja Govindam”.
  9. Greatest contribution of SRIMAD Bhagavatam. All kinds of tapa-trayas(three-fold miseries) will be removed and all material tribulations is ended. It takes a soul and makes him connect with KRISHNA.
  10. Dissatisfaction in life becomes of because of not being connected to Supreme Lord who is fully satisfied.
  11. Srila Prabhupada’s greatest contribution was translating the Vedic literatures to English language applicable to the current modern context.
  12. By hearing SRIMAD Bhagavatam from the mouth of pure devotee, philosophy of KRISHNA consciousness is deeply ingrained in the heart.
  13. Guru can see beyond the externals and guide the disciple about the future reality. By coming in touch with a pure devotee, one gets a clue to go back to Godhead.
  14. Nature of this world anityam asukham, dukhalaya ashashvatam.
  15. Self-realization means understanding KRISHNA and our relationship with Him.
  16. The best purpose of Vedic literature is served by chanting Hare Krishna as recommended by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Anybody who is doing this is called a Vedantist, one who has understood the ultimate conclusion of the Vedas.
  17. Chanting and devotional service is not an option, one has to take up Krishna consciousness seriously for his own benefit to come out of the repeated cycle of birth and death.
  18. By regular hearing and focusing on the ultimate goal, one does not worry too much about day to day material disturbances.

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