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Nitya Sevas

One should be sympathetic to the propagation of Krishna consciousness. There are many devotees who are engaged in the propagation of Krishna consciousness, and they require help. So, even if one cannot directly practice the regulated principles of bhakti-yoga, he can try to help such work. Every endeavor requires land, capital, organization, and labor. Just as, in business, one requires a place to stay, some capital to use, some labor, and some organization to expand, so the same is required in the service of Krishna. The only difference is that in materialism one works for sense gratification. The same work, however, can be performed for the satisfaction of Krishna and that is spiritual activity. If one has sufficient money, he can help in building an office or temple for propagating Krishna consciousness. Or he can help with publications. There are various fields of activity, and one should be interested in such activities. – Bhagavad-gita As It Is 12.10

Go Seva Rs. 2,001/-
Annadana Seva Rs. 2,501/-
Sri Narasimha Homa Seva Rs. 3,001/-
Pushpalankara Seva Rs. 4,001/-
Naivedya Seva Rs. 5,001/-
Udayasthamana Seva Rs. 7,501/-

Sunday Sevas

Annadana Seva(morning)5,001/-

GO Seva

Cows are most auspicious animals. They are very dear to Lord Krishna. Everything of the cow including urine and dung is beneficial to human society.

At ISKCON Mysore, we are now rearing cows. We offer their milk in various services to our Deities Sri Sri Krishna Balarama. Our desire to give the best possible care to these sacred cows. We feed them pure nature fodder and the cows range free grazing on the grass growing on our 9 acre campus. We have constructed a cowshed to house them and employed a caretaker to tend to their needs. We also carry our regular medical checkup of the cows by a certified veterinarian.

We have instituted various sevas through which we invite the public to acquire the great spiritual benefit of serving the temple’s cows.The cows belong to Sri Sri Krishna Balaram and when someone renders some service to them, he will surely accrue the immeasurable spiritual benefit of pleasing Sri Sri Krishna Balarama.