Everybody’s CSR responsibility.. – Chanting, Service and Reading.

Excerpts from Srimad Bhagavatam 7.9.20 lecture by H G Rasika Shekara Prabhu.

Translation :My dear Lord, everyone in this material world is under the modes of material nature, being influenced by goodness, passion and ignorance. Everyone—from the greatest personality, Lord Brahmä, down to the small ant—works under the influence of these modes. Therefore everyone in this material world is influenced by Your energy. The cause for which they work, the place where they work, the time when they work, the matter due to which they work, the goal of life they have considered final, and the process for obtaining this goal—all are nothing but manifestations of Your energy. Indeed, since the energy and energetic are identical, all of them are but manifestations of You.”

  1. Everybody in the material world from topmost personality Brahma to bottom most living entity ant are influenced by three modes of nature. These three modes are the energies of Lord.
  2. Vision of a devotee – Energy and Energetic are always identical. Devotee sees only the Lord in all activities of living entities.
  3. Srila Prabhupada – A class of scientists studying nature have figured out lot of natural laws. But, they have become blind to the fact that there is A Law-maker behind these laws. Scientists have captured by effects, but are unaware of the cause.
  4. No phenomenon in this world is out of control, everything is controlled by the Lord. Out of control means… out of my control, for every action happens by the inspiration of the Supreme Lord from within.
  5. Inspiration for actions are given by the Lord, in accordance to the mentality of the individual. Similarly, thoughts are also inspired by the Lord based on past desires of the individual.
  6. Based on Upadhis(designation)…mentality of the individual is cultivated.
  7. Prahlad was a Uttama adhikari class of devotee.
  8. The three classes of devotees are.
    1. Kanishta adhikari – Have Feeble faith… Komala Shraddha. Only see themselves and the Lord.
    2. Madhyama adhikari – Have Full faith in the Lord. Even though not well versed in Scriptures, but have full faith in the scriptures. They make friends only with devotees, Feel compassionate to the ignorant and preach to them. They avoid associating with those who are envious in nature.
    3. Uttama adhikari – Have firm faith in the Lord. He doesn’t discriminate, he sees everybody as serving the Lord in different capacities.He preaches vigorously to make everybody as devotee. He  comes to the platform of madhyama adhikari to preach.
  9. Specialty of an Acharya…to convert what is material into spiritual.
  10. Chanting is a process to associate with KRISHNA and allow the pure consciousness of the Lord to influence our mentality.
  11. Everybody’s CSR responsibility.. – Chanting, Service and Reading.
  12. Srila Prabhupada created ISKCON center’s to give people a glimpse of spiritual happiness.
  13. Reading Srila Prabhupada books are meant to give relief to the mind from the pains of material existence.

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