GO Seva

Cows are most auspicious animals. They are very dear to Lord Krishna. Everything of the cow including urine and dung is beneficial to human society.

At ISKCON Mysore, we are now rearing cows. We offer their milk in various services to our Deities Sri Sri Krishna Balarama. Our desire to give the best possible care to these sacred cows. We feed them pure nature fodder and the cows range free grazing on the grass growing on our 9 acre campus. We have constructed a cowshed to house them and employed a caretaker to tend to their needs. We also carry our regular medical checkup of the cows by a certified veterinarian.

We have instituted various sevas through which we invite the public to acquire the great spiritual benefit of serving the temple’s cows.The cows belong to Sri Sri Krishna Balaram and when someone renders some service to them, he will surely accrue the immeasurable spiritual benefit of pleasing Sri Sri Krishna Balarama.

Go Seva Schemes

SevasAmountOffer Seva
Go-Sevaka2,001/-Pay Now
Go-Palaka5,001/-Pay Now
Go-Ahara7,501/-Pay Now

Importance of Go Seva from the Scriptures

Whoever feeds the cow with grass and water every day derives the benefit equivalent performing Ashwamedha yajna. There is nothing to doubt about this …(Brhat Paraasara Smriti 5.26-27.)
The Gautamiya Tantra says, “One should gently scratch the body of a cow, offer her a mouthful of green grass and reverentially circumambulate her. If cows are maintained nicely and comfortably Lord Gopal will be pleased,”

“Offering respect to the cows will help the devotee to diminish the reactions to his past sinful activaties” – Skanda Purana