Preaching is the TAPASYA for devotees

Excerpts from Srimad Bhagavatam 7.9.26 class by H G Jai Chaitanya Prabhu given on 11th February 2017.
Translation : “O my Lord, O Supreme, because I was born in a family full of the hellish material qualities of passion and ignorance, what is my position? And what is to be said of Your causeless mercy, which was never offered even to Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva or the goddess of fortune, Lakshmi? You never put Your lotus hand upon their heads, but You have put it upon mine.”
  1. Prahlad offering his gratitude to Lord Narasimha for the causeless mercy bestowed upon him, which was not even offered to BRAHMA, Shiva and Lakshmi
  2. The Supreme Lord is called the original creator, because Brahma initiates only the creation process, but doesn’t know how creation is happening…Similarly, our actions in the material world are only a starter, we are not aware how results are manifesting….
  3. Mode of ignorance doesn’t kick start anything good for the body, it gives more and more foolishness and misery to the body. Ignorance cover is very thick.
  4. Only in Sattva Guna does all Godliness comes and also knowledge about something beyond the body.
  5. “Perfection” is not quality of Sattva Guna, it is born out of Rajo guna..example.. (Duryodhana was a perfect administrator, Westerner’s are good in administration and management…)
  6. For a child born from a Sattvic womb, Sattvic Brahminical family…has all the necessary facility of becoming a Good Brahmana.
  7. Prahlad telling that his body and mind is not even sattvic, but still he came a recipient of Lord’s mercy. This was because Prahlad was a preacher…
  8. Devotees go to people in Rajo and Tamo guna..and glorify the Lord…therefore devotees are given extra mercy…because they are preaching..they are given more mercy than Lakshmi, Brahma and Shiva..
  9. Narasimha is the deity of the Preachers….Lord doesn’t see the perfection in preachers,..
  10. Srila Prabhupada’ followers have special mercy, because Srila Prabhupada declared anybody chanting 16 rounds, following 4 regulative principles and staying in the movement will be taken Back to Godhead.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  11. In Gaudiya Vaishnavas.. we belong to Nityananda Parampara…the preaching Parampara…and the most merciful parampara…
  12. Difference between Chaitanya and Nityananda…One is declared Mahavadanyaya and other is undeclared Mahavadanyaya.
  13. Sometimes ISKCON is criticized for want of scholars, Vedic authorities, Deity worshippers,…that is not ISKCON is meant for…ISKCON is meant to preach the glories of the Lord.
  14. Devotees who are preaching to families,Folk, Congregation… have to deal with a lot of problems..Will get the mercy of the Lord. Because, the Lord is duty bound to honor the words of His Pure Devotees.
  15. Prahlad is not surprised with Lord’s mercy with pride, but with humility.
  16. Prahlad qualities…innocent, daring, tolerant, humility,…
  17. Material happiness is not good, because people who give this happiness are themselves not happy…example…Demigods sanctioning material opulences are themselves not happy and astrologers don’t even know about their future…
  18. Nothing is achieved without Tapasya…For Devotees preaching…is their Tapasya…Traveling, Staying in uncomfortable places,meeting with puffed up people, convincing them do something for the Lord, without getting pride, living amidst maya…Going out for preaching should be taken as Sadhana.
  19. Association with material poisonous…It is very important for devotees to get purified daily by Chanting, Reading, Hearing & Serving devotees
  20. Devotees should Cultivate taste for holy name and have compassion for living entities by preaching.
  21. Devotees way of seeing Rich people…Rich person is not using the opulence provided for a a higher purpose, but will suffer in the future for his current actions.

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